February 14, 2011


Hi! I'm Earl and I'm new to blogging so...yikes...watch out! I live in a small city in the south with my handsome, hubby (Mike) and adorable, pooch (Shira)!

(the little one)

Mike and I got married in December of 2009. He was 24 and I was 23. Because we were both one year out of college and paying for our own wedding...money was TIGHT. Our wedding was beautiful, but our apartment was and still is lacking. My wonderful mother recently gave me one of her sewing machines and told me the story of how she made all of her clothes when she was my age. With hardware in hand and a few yards of fabric I decided to actually sit down in front of my machine. I'm still figuring out what this thing can do!

When I can, I sew by hand because I like to feel Victorian. I love bringing my imagination to life, and decided to share with you. *bites nails*

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