July 13, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

I'm linking up with Katie at The Katie Chronicles once again for Windowshop Wednesday! I have been eagerly awaiting the store announcement for this week's link up since Thursday y'all and was beyond thrilled this morning. We're going to Bed Bath and Beyond! 
(in my Oprah voice)

Before Mike and I did our wedding registry, I didn't understand the magic that is Bed Bath and Beyond. That store changed my baking life. I didn't know anything about the Brown Sugar Bears until that wondrous day. In case you don't feel like clicking over, Brown Sugar Bears keep your brown sugar moist for MONTHS. No more pulling out the hammer when its cookie time and the sugar has hardened. (what... y'all don't do that?)

But today I'm focusing on bathrooms so let's just dive right into my wishlist:

Honey Opal Glass Wall Sconce

Levaqua 10-Setting Digital Showerhead

Myson Wall 8-Bar Towel Warmer

Amy Butler Towel- (the orange is my fave)

What's on your wishlist?


  1. i LOVE those towels. like love them - I might need to find a way to get some!

  2. Ooooh, that digital showerhead sounds dangerous...as in, I will never leave the shower. :) Thanks for joining up with us this week! :)

  3. Digital shower head! oh wow never head of that, seem really really interesting..
    I love the bar towel warmer, had it once when staying at a hotel and it was lovely :)

  4. Oooooh that brown sugar bear is adorbs!! I am definitely picking some up from bed bath & beyond when I'm over there this summer!

    I laughed when I read about your hammering your brown sugar! I usually bash mine with a rolling pin! O_o