August 10, 2011

Cafe Press

It's that time again! Yes, I'm linking up with Katie for another installment of Windowshop Wednesday. This week we're going to hop over to Cafe Press to check out their merch!

Mike and I dont have any human babies, so I tend to dote on my little fur girl! So I bake cookies for my dog, doesnt everyone? (ha!)

Close up and source right below
The Boy and I love zombie movies and often have conversations about the Zombie Apocalypse. (don't judge us, LOL) I would tell you our plan, but its classified information. ;)
I'd get this for The Boy because I'm pretty sure that Billie Piper is his favorite Doctor Who companion. Martha Jones is my fave!
My boss would fall out of her seat laughing over this.
I think that Cafe Press has been my favorite shopping adventure thus far. They have some of the funniest tees and household goodies!


  1. OMG, I need that coffee canister...CLASSIC :)

  2. Yup love the canister!! Too funny