October 4, 2011

Fall-ing In Love with Crafts

The Boy is leaving for another work trip tomorrow, so I'm going to have some additional free time this week (hopefully, without incident this time). Because some people *cough* Michael *cough* think that its too early to decorate for my favorite holiday, I've started preparing our apartment for Fall. So far I've made a black and white, striped wreath for Halloween (you may have seen it if you follow me on Twitter). To make it a little less Beetlejuice, I added some yellow, felt flowers and a coordinating ribbon for hanging. I'm still trying to decide on other embellishments though.

While he's gone this week, I can pretty much do whatever I want to the apartment and it gets to stay "as is" upon his return (right? ha!). Here are a few of the projects I want to start this week and continue throughout the Fall.

How cute is the idea of fabric covered photo mats?!

A picture mason jar

A two handed potholder...perfect for removing turkeys, hams, pies and casseroles from the oven. I could've gone further with that, but I'm sure that y'all get the idea!

But what I really want to make is...

I just need to concur my fear of making a top without my mom around! She settles my nerves, y'all. If I mess up, she knows how to fix it...or make it something I never would have thought of. The power of being a mom I guess. 

Let me know what you're sewing up/cooking up/crafting up this Fall!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. i pinned the mason jar one and really want to do it! tell me how it turns out!

  2. thanks for stopping by!!! I'm always guilty of #5 too ;)

    Love the mason jar pic. very cool!