October 20, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Favorite Accessories

When I'm getting ready for work or play, my outfit "completer" is makeup. I love the way jewelry and headbands look, but I love the feel of makeup. And by that, I mean the playfulness to seduction I can paint on to show off my mood. It makes me feel sassy! If I wake up with the "i don't want to go to work" blues, I whip up some winged eyes, swipe on mascara and will rock the most obnoxious lip color I have. Which is a wine color, nothing too crazy.

I'm starting to experiment with my "look" more and these are some of the photos that have been inspiring me lately.


I've never gotten a professional manicure before, but I would start with those lovelies!


I love this girl's big hair and hot pink lips! Simple glamour.

Don't worry, I don't wear this look to work. ;)

Peek at what is inside my make up bag. 

This post was going to be about Ryan Gosling and how he would be the perfect accessory (if I weren't married of course. Ha!) but ...wait, why did I change my mind?... well reasons aside, I hope that y'all enjoyed some or all of my inspirations from this week! 

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  1. Ryan Gosling! I so love him! He would be the perfect accessory -