November 3, 2011


I wish that I could say my apartment had flowers in every room, but I can't. I've been taken to the hospital twice because I'm extremely allergic to most flowers, so I have to look from a safe distance.

My mom got really sick a few years ago and one of the women's groups at church gave her some beautiful Lilies. They were gor-geous! But they made me so sick, we couldn't keep them in the house. My poor mom had to visit her flowers on the porch until I went back to school. You would think that she would go on a flower overload now that I'm out of the house...even though she has the opposite of a green thumb...but no. She has one cactus. Hmm...I may buy her a rose bush and google information on how to keep it alive.

Here are some lovelies that I'm admiring this week:

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Happy Thursday!!



  1. best rosebushes to buy that are completely 'kill proof' and bloom year round are called 'double knockout roses' - I planted them all around my house. Hardly ever water them. No maintenance. And they are blooming like crazy in November! ;)

  2. Beautiful inspiration! The second pic is my favorite!!

  3. Too bad you're so allergic to flowers!! Those pictures you posted are amazing!!!