January 19, 2012


Earlier this week, Mike and I were about to walk into our apartment when I noticed a light shining through the blinds.

Me: Huh...the light in the living room is on.
Boy: I don't remember leaving the light on.

We paused for a moment, looked at each other and then shrugged shoulders. He unlocked the door and swung it open as I peeped from behind him.

Me: The t.v. and xbox are still here, we're good.
Boy: Should I look around though?
Me: Meh!

I'm here to report that we indeed left the light on and no one was hiding in another room. Normally I'm the paranoid lady checking behind every door with ninja-like stealth, but I just didn't care that night. I was lazy.

Do you always check your house when something seems out of order? 



  1. Yup I do! But It's normally because I forgot to turn something off haha...

  2. We leave our light on if we're going out and not going to be back until after dark--I figure then people will think we're home and are less likely to break in. Maybe?

    If I've gone out during the day and come back without Anthony I get nervous sometimes and check around the apartment... lol

  3. I wouldn't say you're stealth is "ninja-like"...maybe more like "half drunk hobo-like"...

  4. the fact that you're honey just called your stealth as 'half drunk hobo-like' is cracking me up over here...

  5. I sure do! I get paranoid and check around to make sure no one is hiding if I notice something out of place or not right.

  6. Hahahaha I love that quote!

    I'm waaay too comfortable in my own house. When I come in I barge straight through the foyer, throw my stuff over a chair, and turn the TV right on. I probably wouldn't even notice a killer until he was right behind me. So basically, I AM one of those dumb girls from the horror movies.



  7. Haha! Love this post. I ALWAYS leave a light on.... Xoxo

  8. i am so paranoid!!! and yes i always check!!

    thanks for linking up! now following you :)

  9. That poster is just CRACKING me up! I always thought the same thing! I totally leave a light on too :)

  10. Ummm....heck yeah! I stay patrolling the scene when I'm out and right when I make it home. I don't care, my uncles really stressed being super cautious and taking stock of my surroundings. Btw, that poster is hilarious!

  11. hahaha- thats an awesome quote.

    just found your blog from hollies link up and its adorable! i'm your newest follower and i'd love for you to follow me back!

    ps. i'm hosting a link up tomorrow on things that inspire us and i would love for you to link up!

  12. Just found your blog from Elisabeth's blog. You are so cute! I love the design of your blog. And yes, for some reason I've gotten a lot more paranoid about people breaking in. Weird, right?

    Anyway, I love your blog!

    love, your newest follower, Brooke


  13. I usually check the scene while trying to appear calm. And I make sure that I continue to breathe in case the killer is trying to see if I'm holding my breath because I've seen him/her. I've watched one too many scary movies.

  14. That's the worst feeling! The quote is so funny!!! Last year my husband and I ran out for about an hour and didn't lock out apartment-- and when we came home the lobby had been broken into! We were so freaked out and the police had to come and escort us into the apartment. Luckily our apartment wasn't robbed. The police said it was probably just kids trying to steal bikes and they got scared before they made it up to our floor. I always lock my door now!