February 4, 2012

Holding Hands with Strangers

I didn't post a photo yesterday for February Photo a Day so today is a double entry.
Day 3- Hands
The Boy and I always hold hands. Walking down the street, riding in the car, sitting on the couch...you'll find us joined at the digits. 

Day 4- A Stranger
I felt like a complete creeper with this challenge. I would freak out if I saw someone I didn't know pointing their camera/phone in my direction. It didn't help that we were in a bookstore when I decided to snap a pic. Umm...LOUD. But when would it have not been awkward? I felt a little guilty, so I'm censoring their faces. I mean, they got caught in the "Dummy" section of the bookstore. Ha! (joking, joking)

Happy Weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Love the hand holding! The stranger picture snapping is a bit funny!!