March 7, 2012

New Loves

The Boy and I are possibly moving. Yay! Our lease is up so we're doing the month-to-month thing until we figure out the next step. The neighbors are really loud and I just cannot deal with it any longer. I don't like the act of moving, you know...the packing, hauling of boxes and unpacking. What I do love about this possible move is decorating a new home, whether it be in our current city or another one. 
I'm starting with the kitchen this time:

Meal and chore planner

The Boy and I don't have a set of nice "grown up" pots. I love this cookware set, the color is so vibrant.

This salt crock is from the same line as the cookware above. I'm not completely sold on the idea because it means your salt is uncovered. However, it does coordinate and would look cute on the counter.

These canisters and bowls are clean and simple.

Milk bottle measuring cups!

The kitchen isn't one of those rooms that will get redecorated a lot because most items have a function. Because of that, I like to stick with colors that won't drive me crazy three months down the line. While I would love a hot pink and turquoise kitchen, I just know that I would end up kicking myself in the butt.

Want to see more lovely things? You'll want to visit Jamie and Michelle then. 

What are you in love with lately?



  1. I am so glad I am not the only person who loves kitchenware! I think the hubs has just given up, I always have a reason for why I need it :)

  2. LOVE the pots pans & Milk bottle measuring cups!! I hope you guys find a place you love =)

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on the blog too =)

  3. Love the canisters and bowl set. All the best with your move! I'm not a fan of moving either...but just think, hopefully you will be rid of the noisey neighbors!

  4. really loving those blue pots. so cool. love your pins.

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  5. I LOVE my Le Creuset. It is worth the expense, even if you have to add one piece at a time, like me. If you want some Le Creuset, I recommend finding an outlet. Colors being discontinued will go on sale for 1/2 off the already reduced price!

  6. I love the blue Le Creuset.

  7. I love the old windows. I'm using a few in our wedding next month!

  8. I hate moving, but decorating a new place is fun!

  9. have fun decorating!!! lots of fun ideas to look at!

  10. That's one of the things I can't wait to do when we finally move into a house is to purchase all new pots and pans...I can't stand my current kitchen!!! Good luck with all the packing!!

  11. Yay for decorating! I love those blue pots too, they're really pretty!