May 29, 2012

Get Fit Chick #13

I heart ChaLean Extreme! The Boy and I just started week 3 of the 90 day program and I'm really enjoying this change of pace. We're in the Burn Phase so we only have two cardio driven days and the rest is strength training. This is a huge change from Insanity (thank goodness)! 

The Boy popped two resistance bands in one night (some of you may know that because of Twitter) so we headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods. I love that store! The SKLZ Chrome Resistance Cables worked best for him so we bought the 30, 50 and 70 pound cables. I felt left out so I bought a pair of 8lb hexagon barbells. Yup, a whole 8 pounds! Ha! 

I've lost 1 inch from my waist and 1/2 an inch from my arms so far. After chatting with a couple of you, I've decided to start posting my measurements once I'm in a more comfortable place. Maybe mid next month? 

Happy Tuesday! 



  1. Love hearing that you're making such good progress! I'm still being a couch potatoe/lazy bones.. but I'm sick with a cold at the mo.. :( hopefully will be better to get back to the gym soon!

  2. Congratulations on your progress so far! Glad to hear that it's working for you

  3. Being healthy is what it is all about! Hang in there and you will reach your goals. ;)