June 14, 2012

Out of Commission and Father's Day

I'm still feeling yucky, so I apologize for the lack attention I've given the blog lately. Fortunately, my doc is going to squeeze me in for an appointment...next week.

The Boy and I don't have any kids yet but I love looking for Father's Day gifts anyway. Shira may get him a little something for being an awesome puppy poppa. He's her favorite! 

These are a few of my favorite gifts for dad:
 father's day superhero gift package
This is the perfect gift for the superhero in your life. 

For the worlds' best pop! Clever and easy to accomplish. 

For anyone who doubles as mom and dad...this  mustache mug tutorial is the way to go. Who doesn't like a finely trimmed mustache?! 

Are you doing anything for Father's Day this weekend? I'd love to hear about it! 

Happy Thursday! 



  1. so sorry you are still sick! :( hope the doctor can help next week.