October 17, 2013

Don't Blink, Mama

Heaven help me! Toddler-hood is approaching quickly and I am so not prepared! 
When other moms warned me to ENJOY the moments of her being little...
I didn't grasp what they were telling me. Where is the BABY I brought home from the hospital? Or the one from just two months ago?!
This little girl of mine has teeth, can say a handful of words (like doggy) and is trying to walk among many other things. She is becoming a BIG GIRL right before my eyes.
 While I LOVE seeing her growth and development, I'm not gonna lie...I get teary-eyed sometimes. Not because I want her to be a baby forever or find her OWN way in this world, but because I'm so PROUD of her already! 
This little chick who came into this world two months early and had doctors worried about what could go wrong physically and mentally is a ROCKSTAR.
  HE has brought this child so far and I am just one blessed mama. 

Doesn't it just amaze you to watch our tiny humans grow?!


  1. Gimme that baby! She is so cute. I understand exactly what you mean. They grow up too fast. I actually get teary eyed wanting him to stay a baby. This is why it's so important to enjoy these moments.

  2. She's ridiculous, as in ridiculously cute! You better watch out because when she actually starts to walk she'll start to run and then you'll worry forever! Seriously though, it's awesome watching kids grow at this age. They progress so fast and absorb so much and are so adventuresome. Enjoy it!

  3. Time is so flying by!! I literally stare at Dex every day because he is just growing so quickly! I can't believe we will be celebrating first birthdays soon!