February 17, 2014

Sweat in This: Fitness Gear

My first "real" Valentine's Day Weekend was perfect! Did y'all know that you can now find peanut butter chips with chocolate chips in the SAME bag?! Well, I didn't until I visited the wonderful land of Target on Friday night and couldn't leave the store without them. HOLY COW! Those things were freaking amazing! My sweet Valentine Harper loved her peanut butter, chocolate chip waffles. All of her "mmm mmm" and gimme gimme hands were proof of that. Ha!

Because I lived it up this weekend (I also had two pizza slices from the Whole Foods deli), it's time for me to get my rear back into gear. While I heart Nike something fierce, I'm finding that they're lacking in one area. Sports bras. They have really cute ones... that I will STUFF myself into. Where are all of the big ones?! If y'all can think of someone that carriers DD and bigger lemme know because the struggle is real. For now, I'll keep using my lock and load method of wearing two at the same time. Pitiful!

Since Spring is near...HALLELUJAH...I'm looking forward to getting more fitness clothes. I'm slowly becoming one of those people you see at the store in their compression pants. I love them.

Because I'm also minding the budget so that we can stack away more money, I'm stalking the racks at Academy Sports and online shops. I'll keep y'all up to date with any good deals I find!

How are you doing with goals?



  1. GIRL! I feel your pain. I hate sports bras because they are never big enough for women like us! I just bought a new one from CW-X and am testing it out. I'll let you know how it goes.

    1. They have to be my least favorite thing to shop for and they're sooooo cute! I'm anxiously awaiting your review! If I find one in the meanwhile, I'll let you know too.

  2. PB and chocolate chips are currently in our fridge. Best thing ever. :) And LOL about lock and load...I unfortunately can't sympathize (A-cup for me...) but I love your humor about the situation. :)