April 4, 2014

Birthday Wrap-up & Giveaway Winner

 My twenty-eighth year of living started out with a bang and just kept getting better! I got the regular version of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan that I've been wanting for forever and all of the recipes have been delicious so far! The plan also comes in Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian and Gluten Free Vegetarian. Phew! I've also seen some girls in the Tone It Up community who are Paleo but follow the regular plan.

I was surprised with a "party in a box" at work courtesy of Michelle! (She needs to just start her blog already) She even brought me a fluffy pink tiara and I wore it all day. Until Harper claimed it as hers. Toddlers. Ha!
Michelle brought in a yummy fruit tart so that I could still have "cake" on my birthday. My supervisor brought doughnuts. Mike surprised me at lunch with cupcakes from my favorite bakery. I had some of everything and it was glorious. No regrets! 

Mike prepared breakfast in bed for me on Saturday morning...complete with mimosas! Don't worry, we went to the mall later that day. Cardio. What? That totally counts. ;) 

Last but certainly not least is a gratuitous picture of Harper. 

Congratulations, Jenni Burks! You won the giveaway! 
Thank you to everyone who entered. We have more planned for the coming months so stay tuned. 



  1. I'll always enjoy a picture of Harper! :)
    Looks like you did your birthday up right!
    I always get excited with my polar wishes me a Happy Birthday.. the little things.