October 24, 2014

Tips & Tricks I Love {Round Up}

My mind has been holiday and DIY focused this week so I wanted to share some of my Pinterest favorites.

Tips and Tricks I Love via Earl-Leigh Designs

1. How to Make A Custom Hot Glue Gun Stand- this was a definite forehead slapper. My poor hot glue gun has been cursed from here to the moon because the "kickstand" doesn't work. Or it at least stops working once you put a glue stick in it.

2. DIY Gold Glittered Serving Tray- I love God, my family, pumpkin and glitter.

3. 10 Painting Tips and Tricks You Never Knew- An easy way to silver leaf? She's got it. Feel free to add metallics onto the list of things I love.

4. Hand-Lettering for Beginners- Confession time: I'm super jealous of people who have handwriting that looks worthy of the Etsy homepage. A lot of the DIY projects on my list involve lettering and stencils don't always cut it.

Have a great weekend! I gotta get ready for "Boo at the Zoo". Please pray/send good vibes/whatever you do, that my child doesn't act a fool over other people's costumes.



  1. I desperately hope that your child acts a fool. I want pictures.
    All the same, God speed.

  2. ...I was going to say something entirely different, but can't remember it anymore because I read Susie's comment, and now I want pictures of that too. :x

    Hope it goes well though! :]